Cloud Usage-Based Pricing Cloud PaaS provides a versatile pricing model, that can be adjusted to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers due to the number of awesome features: The resources are provisioned with granular units – cloudlets (128MiB of RAM and 400MHz of CPU). This allows to allocate exactly the needed amount of resources. Fully automatic vertical and horizontal scaling assure ..

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Pricing FAQ What is Charged in Cloud? Resource consumption for each environment is charged to the account owner on an hourly basis. There are 3 types of charges: Primary – fees for the main platform resources (i.e. RAM & CPU), provided within cloudletsProvider-dependent – the ones that can be either payable or not, according to the chosen ..


FreeSSL Let’s Encrypt Add-On Let’sEncrypt Add-on for Automatic SSL Configuration of Your CloudEnvironment Let’s Encrypt is a free and open Certificate Authority, that simplifies and automates processes of browser-trusted SSL certificates issuing and appliance. This is achieved by obtaining a browser-trusted SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt and attaching it to environment entry point (i.e. either ..


Cloud SSL Certificate To secure your website URL, Cloud SSL is the best option. Let’s see how it can be configured:The Cloud SSL certificate offers: Convenient Management – imagine the difficulty of deploying a new SSL certificate, while with Cloud this task is maximally simplified Fast validation – domain level verification means that your site will be checked out and your ..

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Custom SSL Custom SSL Certificate A noteworthy type of security for your domain names is provided by SSL certificate. Its become very easy with Cloud, to host applications that require SSL.Generate a Custom SSL Certificate In order to add the Custom SSL certificate to your Cloud environment, you need to have: custom domain name purchased; ..

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Connection to MySQL/MariaDB for PHP MySQL and MariaDB are highly popular open source databases, used by developers all over the world. Follow the instruction below to learn how to connect your PHP application, hosted within Cloud, to one of this DB servers. Environment Creation 1. Log into your Cloud dashboard. 2. Create an environment with MySQL or MariaDB database server (both are ..